You are welcome at the first restaurant serving Jewish cuisine of Western Ukraine - lobby-bar "Tsymes"!
The name of the restaurant of ethnic Jewish cuisine is translated from Yiddish as “super!”, “exactly so!”, generally “Awesome possum!”.

Lobby-bar “Tsymes” offers its guests breakfasts consisting of original dishes of Jewish cuisine that we firmly bear in mind from recipes of our mothers and grandmothers…. Tsymes, herring-hash, great variety of pancakes with caviar, salmon, hummus, and chicken broth for dinner… ahhhh
Nobody but we can offer You classical sweets of Jewish children - lekah, cooked according to the oldest Jewish cuisine recipe…

We will revivify not only the taste that has remained in your mind, but also unique Jewish customs that has been followed on our glorious land.

Time is ripe for recognition and recollection that Jewish cuisine and traditions finally revert to us.  In Stanislavov.....
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76000, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk
Strachenykh str., 7а, tel. 38 (0342) 595 333
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