Reformist synagogue "Tempel" (is translated from Yiddish as "Sacred place") was built up in 1899.
“Spilka progressu” union had thought of construction of “Tempel” in Stanislavov in 1887. 
Soon Oleksandr Vittel and Elias Fisher with other members of the union organized construction committee of progressionist’s synagogue. The union got the piece of land in 1888.  Rabbi Isaak Gorovyts has layed the first stone for future synagogue on June 20, 1895. The construction was continuing till 1899. The author of the project was Viennese architect Wilhelm Schtrasny. Solemn inauguration  was held on 4th of September, 1899 with presence of city authorities and all the believers.  The building has suffered during the First World War, but soon it was renovated. 
The building was roofed and the interior was changed by new painting during 1927-1929. 
The synagogue was greatly destroyed during the Second World War. Jewish religious community was reestablished in 1990.
Jewish religious Ivano - Frankivsk city community of orthodox religion has received “Sacred place” - synagogue "Tempel" in its property in June 1999.
The community has made efforts to renovate the synagogue in 2008 and now everybody can visit a unique monument - synagogue "Tempel".
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